5 Tips for Removing Junk from your Home

5 Tips for Removing Junk from your Home

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Over time, many of us accumulate things we no longer want or need, but keep because the thought of getting rid of them is overwhelming. Setting aside time, finding out where to take things, or looking for someone who can help with removal can all deter us from finally tackling the job.


If it’s time for a spring clean, you’re moving to new house and want a fresh start, or you need to create more space at home, decluttering and removing junk is an essential part of the process. To help make sorting, decluttering, and cleaning easier for you, here are Junk Canada Removal’s top five junk removal tips:


Tip #1 - Use clear garbage bags for clothes

If you want to make clothes recycling easy, bag them in a clear plastic bag. This will differentiate it from regular garbage and the charities getting the clothes will be able to separate more easily.


Tip #2 - Move your junk to the curb

If you’re hiring a junk removal service, you can save money by leaving your junk or moving your junk to the curb. Junk Canada Removal offers a 20% discount for junk left at the curb.


Tip #3 - Separate junk from electronics

So we can do our part, try to separate regular junk and metal as metal, stereos, computers, printers can be completely recycled.


Tip #4 - Keep recyclables out of the trash

Paper and magazines can be recycled. Separate these so they don't end up in a landfill.


Tip #5 - Remove paint and other household chemicals from your home

Help out the environment and dispose of household chemicals, paints, etc at the proper places. We can suggest where these can go. Just ask us. We will take paint cans if there is paint in them. Empty paint cans can go into the regular garbage.


Junk removal can be overwhelming but if you follow these tips, your home can be junk-free in no time! For help removing junk from your home, call the experts at Junk Canada Removal. We handle the tough stuff! An affordable way to clear out your junk, we ensure junk is recycled, donated, or disposed of properly. In addition to junk removal, we also provide demolition services, hot tub and piano removal, hoarding, downsizing, and commercial services. Visit our website to book your junk removal online, get a quote, and read our reviews.

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