How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger On A Budget!

How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger On A Budget!

Author: Tim Junk Canada | | Categories: Commercial Services , DIY , Hoarding / Downsizing , Home Improvement , Junk Removal , Space Savers

Making your home feel bigger by utilizing your space more efficiently will make your home more practical for you to live in, allow you to better enjoy your house, and even increase the value of your home by improving the feel and first impression for prospective buyers. 


Budget: Depending on the level of rehab that is required for the room you are choosing to de-clutter and improve a necessary budget could be anywhere from a few hundred for smaller rooms not needing much new furniture, to a couple thousand for additional rooms needing lots of new furniture.


Step 1: Determine what your end goal is.


What do you want to do with your space? Are you trying to finally reclaim your basement as a rec room, or setting up a home office?


Step 2: Develop a design for the space.


This doesn't necessarily mean professional drawings, but measuring the area to determine dimensions, deciding the placement of large furniture, and evaluating your lighting and storage options will help you later on. In order to make your space feel bigger, consider using bright colours and mirrors, as well as ensuring you don't block any windows or doors. 


Step 3: Determine what to keep, and what to give away.


The reason most spaces feel cluttered is a combination of too many items and poor storage. To really get the most out of this project you will need to get rid of some furniture, and let your favourite pieces, or some new ones, really shine.


Step 4: Get rid of the clutter!


The most important step, you can't make more space without removing some of the things taking up that space. Either take it to the dump yourself, or call us at Junk Canada to quickly whisk away any unwanted items.


Step 5: Refresh that room!


Now that you have cleared the room, you can give it a cosmetic refresh. To lighten the room and help it feel bigger, consider replacing any carpets with new flooring, any darker paint colours with lighter ones, and ensure you have enough lighting that the space feels bright.


Step 6: Set up your space, including any new furniture or decor.


Once your space is clear, it's ready for re-design. Re-position your furniture, avoiding blocking any entry ways or windows, and make sure you have adequate storage for anything you need to keep.




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