Explore Junk Canada’s Expanded Service Offerings

Explore Junk Canada’s Expanded Service Offerings

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Ever been put off by the clutter in your house? A full-service junk removal company will help you regain space by hauling off unwanted items, whether it is old furniture from your home, waste from your yard or construction debris. After materials are picked up from your property and loaded into a truck, it is then sent to a recycling center, a disposal station or given for donation.

As licensed and insured junk removal specialists in Toronto, at Junk Canada Removal Inc., we provide an affordable, safe and efficient way of cleaning up your clutter. We make sure to handle everything so that you can focus on your home or business.  

The purpose of Junk Canada Removal Inc.

Our demolition services help facilitate home improvement projects by clearing space for you or allowing construction professionals to work effectively. You will notice a massive difference in your backyard when your old eyesore of a shed is finally gone!

Our value-added proposition.

Instead of merely removing furniture from your home, we play a role in home improvement, both at the beginning of the process, with demolition, and in the end, with our debris removal service.

What kind of junk do we eliminate?

We have the tools and experience to perform a range of demolition services. We can demolish sheds and garages; including the concrete pads they often sit on and get rid of them in less than a day-and-a-half. We also remove different types of flooring including tile and hardwood, as well as other structures including decks and drywall.

Who can take advantage of our services?

This service is beneficial to both construction professionals and homeowners. Construction professionals can utilize this service to save time on demolition and removal of debris, allowing them to focus on the work they get paid to do.

Homeowners can benefit from this service by eliminating anything that is an eyesore or appears awkward. Moreover, we assist with DIY renovations by making sure that everything is set up for the homeowner to tackle the job at hand.

Cost of our services.

Pricing will vary depending on the weight of the items being hauled as well as the amount of labor needed to eliminate junk. We offer a quote even if the work you need does not fit one of our standard categories.

The disadvantage of choosing an alternate method to remove junk.   

You can choose to take away junk material on your own, but you will lack the tools and experience to demolish it safely and efficiently. Also, leaving the removal to unqualified contractors can be risky, as they aren’t paid to go to the dump and are not incentivized to clean as thoroughly.

If you want your junk recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly, contact us here or book our services online by clicking here.

At Junk Canada Removal Inc., we offer junk removal, demolition services, hot tub and piano removal, hoarding, downsizing, and commercial services. We can take away almost any material and fit it in our trucks, without you ever lifting a finger. View our full list of services here.

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