How to Improve Your Backyard in 2019: Cheap Ways Junk Canada Inc. Can Help

Patio Season! Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Backyard in 2019

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There are many different ways you can improve your backyard without being on an HGTV show, many of which you can do yourself!


Backyard Terracing:

If your backyard is on a hill which is causing you to stay parked on your deck at the back of your house and not enjoying the entire backyard, adding some terracing to separate and flatten spaces and add garden space can make a huge difference to your backyard. Make sure you are not building terraces that are too massive so that the retaining wall is not holding too much weight.


Vegetable Garden:

Constructing a backyard vegetable garden quite literally brings a lot of life to your outdoor space. Not only can you have fresh herbs and vegetables for salads or other dishes, but more plant life and a well-constructed garden with wood or brick adds a calm quality to your backyard. Make sure you build your garden beds in a sunny spot with good access to a hose to ensure you can water them with ease!


Pagodas or Pergolas:

Make the most of your outdoor space by adding a pagoda or pergola that both provides a striking architectural feature and an additional shady seating spot. Whether you choose to use stained wood for a more natural look, paint your structure white for an east-coast vibe, or use something in between, a stylish shady outdoor seating space adds to any backyard.


Outdoor Kitchen or Grilling Area:

Once the weather is nice why would you heat up your kitchen standing over the stove cooking when you could grill, chill, and cook in the great outdoors. Whether located on a deck or patio, putting in weatherproof counters with built in grills, fridges, and even sinks can greatly enhance your outdoor experience and provide a great spot for entertaining.


Campfire or Fire Pit:

No matter whether you like a rustic, more natural campfire or a sleek, modern, gas option, adding a safe and controlled fire to your backyard enhances your space and extends the season further into the fall. Everyone loves to congregate around a fire as the nights get cooler into August and September. Make sure to consult any bylaws in your area before seriously considering adding a space for a fire.  

There are tonnes of other options for adding to your backyard space, and no matter which one you choose, Junk Canada Inc. is there to help you with the first steps. Whether you need to tear out an old deck, fully remove an old garage, replace weathered pavers, or remove anything else to make more space, Junk Canada Inc. can get you started on the backyard of your dreams.

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