Junk and Decluttering: How to Make The Most of Small Spaces

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Small Space

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Small spaces lend themselves to becoming cluttered. Not only do you not have a lot of room to work with in the first place, the small space seems to attract more clutter until it becomes a storage space rather than a living space. It doesn’t have to be this way. By calling your local junk removal experts at Junk Canada and making some improvements to lighting, storage, and design, any small space can become a living space where you want to be, instead of a trap. The following are some tips for maximizing the size of your small space and making it appear bigger.


1. The Value of Vertical Lines

Adding wainscoting, barnboard paneling, or even striped or vertically detailed wallpaper can make a ceiling appear taller, which adds to the overall feel of space in the room. It also takes some of the edge off of any horizontal lines you add through furniture.


2. Rugs Not Carpets

Small rooms, particularly in the basement, can often have wall to wall carpet, which condenses the space and can contribute to a small feeling. Using an area rug, which defines the space better and does not go wall to wall, can make a big difference.


3. Lengthen with Light

Using wall mounted lights not only adds shadows and depth on the walls, but it also stops you from using headspace or floorspace to add lighting.


4. Smart Storage

Removing bulky pieces of furniture, and shifting doors from swinging to sliding on closets are two simple ways to save space and be more effective in your storage solutions. Under the stairs storage for seasonal items eliminates a whole category of items all together, and switching a closet to a barn door, pocket door, or sliding door can save floor space.


5. Maximize with Mirrors

Even if a space is so small that putting in a big mirror seems counter intuitive, wait until you try it. Adding a mirror is a tried and true optical trick that makes a room seem bigger than it is and increases the effectiveness of any lighting solutions you have already implemented.

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