Tips to Organize and De-Clutter Your Garage

Top 10 Garage Organization Tips

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1. Categorize your items.

Grouping families of similar items like paintbrushes, trays, and rollers in the same space for quick-finding makes it easier to both take out and put away these items. This helps your garage stay organized for longer.


2. Maximize corner storage.

Specifically designed corner storage helps to make corners useful space instead of dead space, and also provides ease of access.

3. Place a coat rack in your garage.

After it rains hang up wet items like umbrellas and coats in your garage to save space in your house and minimize mess.

4. Hide the mess.

Make sure to hide any clutter-prone craft or project bench areas with drapes or curtains strung up on a wire.

5. Create a space for outdoor gardening needs.

Select a spot that's close to the garage door or another entrance and close to the hose so you don't track dirt through the whole garage. Make sure you use a large storage unit, have plenty of room for planters, vases, and indoor gardening supplies as well.

6. Store bulk items in Containers.

Store bulk items and potting soil in metal-lidded trash cans to stop bugs or animals from getting in, and add handles so you can move them easier.

7. Raise bikes to use vertical space.

Find a monkey bar or custom bike rack to store all your wheels, so it's now easier to get the bikes on and off the rack, and allows your kids to do it instead of cluttering the garage.

8. Line up gardening items.

Use a horizontal rack of hooks to avoid leaving your large gardening tools in a messy and dangerous pile of metal.

9. Make old brand new.

Repurpose cupboards from kijiji, flea markets, or junk shops as potting sheds and tool chests.

10. Use overhead storage.

Take advantage of ceiling space by mounting a heavy duty overhead shelf to store large items and get them out of the way.

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