Commercial Junk Removal Services in Toronto

Shed and Garage removal

We demolish small sheds and garages. Garages can be tricky to do in tight places. Please call us to discuss our pricing on these kinds of projects.

Office and Commercial

Removal of office equipment? No problem. Photo copiers, desks, chairs etc., let us know.

Construction Waste

Construction waste such as drywall, wood, concrete etc . We will take for a small additional fee.


We take all types of furniture. If your furniture is in good shape, we will donate it to charity so it won't see the Landfill site. We get charged by the TON so its in our best interest to donate as much as possible.


We hate seeing computers, TVs, stereos, phones going to the dump. We recycle all these devices.

Contact Junk Canada Removal Inc. for commercial junk removal services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Toll free : 1-800-787-5122

Hours of Operation - Mon-Sat : 8 am-6 pm

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